20 ianuarie 2012

Spellbound - Anna Dale

When Athene finally discovers a way to get rid of the bane of her life, her younger brother Zach, it is all made so simple for her. She meets the Gloam, who cast a spell on everyone who knew Zach so that they forget all about him. But it is Athene who can't forget Zach and soon she is drawn into an incredible world of dark magic.
Editura: Rao - in curs de aparitie

5 comentarii:

  1. cristyn2/18/2012

    ce fain, sper sa apara cat mai repede, mi-a placut mult soptindu-le vrajitoarelor.

  2. coperta e foarte draguta

  3. sorina n.2/23/2012

    abia astept sa apara, stiu ca e dedicata unei varste mai mici da imi plac basmele si magia si tot ce e fantasy

  4. Anonim5/04/2012

    anna dale e cea mai tare!!!!!