16 noiembrie 2011

The Sisters Grimm - Michael Buckley

Sabrina and Daphne Grimm go through a series of foster homes after their parents disappear. They become maids, servants, and other things that children shouldn't be, mostly because they have Ms. Smirt as their caseworker. After all of that trouble, they end up in the care of their long-lost grandmother. They soon find that they are living in a town of Everafters, live characters from fantasy and fairy tales. The family solves mysteries that might be connected to the disappearance of their parents but an evil group of Everafters, called The Scarlet Hand, are determined to find a way out of the barrier created by one of the Grimms' ancestors; a barrier that makes any Everafter in that town stuck there forever unless the Grimms abandon the town or all the descendent's of the past and future are dead.

Ultima carte din serie: The Council of Mirrors
Data de aparitie mai 2012

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  1. copertile sunt frumoase si eu le vreau

  2. intradevar copertile arata bine, sunt in genul Harry Potter

  3. ce faine sunt, si eu le vreau